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Here are all of James's review columns from the pages of Challenging Destiny, as well as many extras not available in the magazine.

What makes a good science fiction book? A good movie? Hard questions. Can there be such a thing as a theory of excellence or does it come down to a matter of taste? James's reviews will say right upfront what he thinks is worthwhile and what is not -- and maybe go on to something more than simple recommendations. James is fascinated by the intersection between media, so, in addition to solo reviews, you'll find many paired reviews of books and movies, and even a few relevant soundtracks and computer games. His email address is Feel free to let him know if you have a book you'd like him to review, or let him know how you think he's doing so far.

Columns from Challenging Destiny

James writes a column, a set of reviews linked by a common topic, for each print issue of Challenging Destiny. Topics have included science fiction set on Mars, the works of key authors like Isaac Asimov and Judith Merril, a book and its adaptations like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and subsequent movie versions, and time travel.

The works reviewed here also appear individually in the appropriate section below.

Fiction Books

James reviews science fiction and fantasy novels and anthologies; he seldom reviews horror books.

Nonfiction Books

This section includes biographies, collections of art, books about movies, and other interesting works of nonfiction.


Reviews of science fiction and fantasy movies can be found in this section.

Click here for an explanation of James's movie ratings and for all of his top picks.

Soundtracks & Other Audio

This section includes movie soundtracks, famous radio broadcasts like The War of the Worlds, and other unusual audio items.


This section lists computer game reviews.

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