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Challenging Destiny is a Canadian science fiction and fantasy short story magazine published by Crystalline Sphere Publishing. We publish authors and illustrators from all over the world (so far including Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine). Issues 1 to 17 were printed, and issues 18 to 25 were electronic.

Challenging Destiny is on hiatus. We hope to return. In the meantime, there's lots of content for you to check out here on our web site.

Each issue typically contains seven stories, an editorial, a review column, and an interview with a Canadian author. On the web page for each issue, you'll find sneak previews of the stories and illustrations. There are also quotations from reviews of each issue with links to the complete reviews. All of the interviews from the magazine are here, as are all of the reviews -- plus extra reviews written exclusively for the web site.

Our claims to fame:

  • Four stories received honourable mentions from Gardner Dozois in The Year's Best Science Fiction:
    • "Benedice Te" from Number 18 and "Eye Teeth" from Number 22, both by Jay Lake
    • "Early Adopters" by L. Blunt Jackson, from Number 18
    • "Lonesome Cosmogonist" by Ian Creasey, from Number 20
  • Two stories were chosen by Terri Windling and three by Kelly Link & Gavin J. Grant as honourable mentions in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror:
    • "The Gemütlichkeit Escape" from Number 8, "Dora's Trunk" from Number 12, and "The Anabe Girls" from Number 22, all by A. R. Morlan
    • "Faller" by Will McIntosh, from Number 17
    • "Tickling the Siroko's Chin" by E. L. Chen, from Number 19
  • One story was reprinted by Brian Youmans in The Best of the Rest 3: "Skullier Than the Average Bod" by Christopher East, from Number 13.
  • Jay Lake, author of stories in Number 18, Number 21, and Number 22, won 2004's John W. Campbell Award for best new writer.
  • Locus selected "Abigail & Chang" by Harvey Welles & Philip Raines, from Number 24, as one of the short stories on its recommended reading list for 2007.
  • "Like Water in the Desert" by Hayden Trenholm, from Number 24, won the 2008 Aurora Award for Best Short-Form Work in English.

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